E&A Food Trucks

We are a company established in Los Angeles with one goal in mind, to deliver the most reliable food trucks in the industry. After working with several clients and getting information and ideas from daily users, we have come with the best trucks and designs.

We understand the needs of the people working in the mobile food business. We know the equipment that needs to be installed inside a food truck to become as useful as possible. Our equipment is industrial and is ready to work for your. Reliable refrigerators, ready to use steamers, friers, and griddles.

Our trucks are built by experts in the field and count with the best equipment.
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Late Model Trucks
  • Health Department Approved
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fully equipped

E&A Food truck rentals

E&A Food truck rentals

Your Style

The truck can be wrapped to meet your style and design.

  • Do you marketing
  • Show your products
  • Show your design
  • The decision is yours.



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